"Developing Leadership"

The organic nature of Flesh & Spirit Community fosters one's personal growth which often translates into leadership within our community. Brothers whose stories embody the work we are doing together often emerge as facilitators of our gatherings. Also men, women and multi-gendered folks whose abilities to create safe and sacred space and to teach us their wisdom of body and spirit are called upon to help staff Flesh & Spirit events.

Specialty Credit

Kirk nand Donny facilitate two healing communites: The Missing Thread Mystery School and Flesh and Spirit Community. Practitoners below who have worked with Kirk and Donny around Body Story work are marked in BLUE and are highly recommended.
If you take a workshop with any of these practitoners you can recieve specialty credit towards becoming a Body Story Life Coach.

brother nico

Brother Nico, or Hermano Nico, a 44-year-old massage therapist and bodywork practitioner, was born in St. Anthony’s Hospital in Chicago in 1979.

After moving to Santiago, Chile at age 11, he adapted to the culture with the help of his aunt, a local healer who fostered a relaxed and body-accepting atmosphere.

After graduating from Cortiva - Chicago School of Massage Therapy at 30, he became the Chicago coordinator for the Body Electric School and expanded his modalities to include non-Western massage styles through workshops and trainings. 
 Currently, he is developing paid subscription content via Just For Fans, collaborating with Bruce Grether and Russell Wieland in providing Mindful Masturbation coaching and is co-facilitating groups in San Francisco while pursuing certification in Bondassage.





donny lobree


is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Physical Trainer, Body Story Life Coach, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, violinist/violist, and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrepreneurs. In addition, Donny is a Midwife to the Dying and assists the terminally ill with their "birthing" into death. His first children's book, “How the Waif Bunny Saved the Boy,” is now out. He is also a teaching assistant at the San Francisco School of Massage, as well as being Team Leader AKA “Den Daddy” for the Barechest Calendar Men who raise funds for AIDS Emergency Service and Positive Resource Center. As a part of Donny’s bridge-building skills, he speaks 12 languages to various degrees of fluency.

 Specialty Credit 


kirk prine


is a Body Story Life Coach, integrative bodyworker, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, former psychotherapist, primary facilitator of Flesh & Spirit Community and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School. He is also the author of "Erotic Body Prayer". Kirk has been a civil rights activist, LGBTQ activist, AIDS activist, and currently a part of the Resistance.

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 Specialty Credit 



Teaching Reiki Master, Body Story™ Life Coach in training.


 Specialty Credit 



Energy Healer & Gender Shaman

Drake Bear Stephen BA, CHT, RMT, CSP
is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Somatic Healer, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Teaching Reiki Master. Recently retired from a 37 year career in telecommunications, he now has a full time private practice as a healer and teacher. He lives as a true Two Spirit, being a bisexual who has lived in both genders, the first half of his life as a female and the second half as a male. For more information about Drake and his work, go to:


 Specialty Credit 






Nick Vengioni


Community Manager
Nick is a practicing counselor and healer in San Francisco, who is happy to support the F&S Community. He has studied shamanism, energy medicine and hypnotherapy and continues to use those skills in his work.







Don Clark, Ph.D.


Don Clark, Ph.D., is the author of the famous book "Loving Someone Gay". For many years Don Clark has been a therapist, mentor and elder to queer men venturing into freedom.







Richard Stromer


is a personal mythologist with a Berkeley-based counseling and teaching practice called Soul Mentor. His training includes a doctorate in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Archetypal Psychology and World Sacred Traditions. His work combines the perennial wisdom of many mythological and religious traditions with contemporary approaches evolved by modern depth psychologists. With a focus on facilitating and integrating both psychological development and spiritual evolution, Richard also extensively employs archetypal astrology as a tool for self-exploration.






John Ballew


John Ballew (Guest Staff), is a licensed professional counselor and a massage therapist in private practice in Atlanta. He has an MS in Clinical Psychology and is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. He has facilitated workshops in gay spirituality throughout North America, emphasizing the connection between body and soul. His work embraces both Eastern spiritual practices and a sex-positive Christian tradition.









is a teacher in the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, a shamanic healer in the lineage of Rebecca Crystal, and a pastor for Amigos de Dios, a fellowship of Christian mystics. He is also a psychotherapist. He integrates his experience in creative writing, storytelling, the Lakota Sweat Lodge and years of experience learning from indigenous spiritual elders, healers and shamans into his work.






barbara Buckley

is a counselor, spiritual teacher and healer.
A clinical social worker working with cancer patients, she has been honored to witness growth, power and self love in all sorts of circumstances and bodily situations. In connection since 2000 with MCCSF, she has deepened her knowledge of her own divine nature, and discovered embodied , queer spirituality. With her partner, Barb Hargrave, she is committed to continuing the journey to the integration of sex and god (erotic and divine, flesh and spirit) for herself, her relationships and in community. Barbara is the Flesh & Spirit Women's Community Coordinator.


 Specialty Credit 






Dan Newman


is a holistic health consultant, Native American practitioner, artist, safer sex educator and holistic workshop facilitator. Dan has been assisting in Flesh & Spirit work since it's inception in Cincinnati, Ohio.







rafael diaz


is the Director of the César E. Chávez Institute, San Francisco State University. Rafael has explored a monastic path and shared his gifts with GMSR and Flesh & Spirit








Andrew Ramer is the author of Two Flutes Playing, Elder to Gay Spirit Visions in North Carolina and guest teacher to Flesh & Spirit Community.







Steve Marlowe


is a healer, teaching Reiki master, and Peaceful Warrior teacher. He has been planning and facilitating workshops and retreats for queer men on spiritual paths since 1991 including retreats for several Metropolitan Community Churches, Gay Men's Spiritual Retreat, and the Flesh & Spirit Community.






jim berenholtz

is a multifaceted artist who has been training with native cultures in the living wisdom of the Earth for over thirty years. Whether as musician or dancer, writer or speaker, painter or photographer, ritualist or bodyworker, he is devoted to bringing forth the organic intelligence that is natural to our species and forging a passionate blend of arts and activism, thereby celebrating unity in diversity and building bridges for peace.


 Specialty Credit 





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