How comfortable are you with letting ALL parts of you being known?

On the backs of our ancestors who were willing to be visible,we enjoy the level freedom we have today....
Dear Brother,
On the backs of our ancestors who were willing to be visible,we enjoy the level freedom we have today. Queer men like Walt Whitman, Harry Hay, James Broughton, Harvey Milk each in his own way courageously proclaimed their truth by being men who loved men. Think of all the queer men you could name today who show the face, body, voice and actions of themselves bravely.
It takes courage to be ALL of who you are. Loving the body you inhabit, loving the ways you love, loving the Spirit that connect you to all things, loving yourself enough to share your unique messages of freedom and loving the world enough to take the risk of BEING FULLY SEEN.
I grew up in the Mid-West in a time where being out sexually, professionally,spiritually and politically were not welcomed by the "mainstream" and not even fully welcomed by most GLBT people.
As Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon used to say, "In most churches you hang up your body up at the door". What do you leave at the door to be comfortable?
We all have had many "coming outs" in out lives. Being authentic, being of service and sharing our gifts calls us to more visibility. Hiding, passing or compartmentalizing parts of ourselves has often been an aspect of our queer stories. Most of us become masterful of disclosing "the safe" stuff depending on the environment we are in. The courage to be visible is an ongoing process of healing and liberation. This is the theme for January, Visibility.
The question we are asking you to muse on is "How Comfortable are You With ALL Parts of You Being Known?"
If you live in San Francisco join us for two events on January 19th related to Being Known.
A Sacred Touch Ritual with a Community Potluck following where a number of highly visible queer men will add to our juicy conversation. Here are few videos to get you musing with us:

Hugs & blessings,
PS. Also, be sure to sign up for The Sacred Body Retreat. This will be a powerful experience in being "A Queer Tribe".

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