ID: Do the images you hold (of yourself and others) connect you or seperate you?



August's juicy conversation (potluck theme) is about gay/queer men and our relationship to our appeanance, profiling and our preferences. As gay men our relationship to our bodies and how we appear in the world is often creative. We identify ourselves by physical, sexual, intellectual,emotional,relational, political attributes that either connect us or separate us from others. Do we cross borders,build bridges or create distance through our labels,hats,roles and images we hold of ourselves?

You are invited to wear (dress up) something that speaks to how you identify in any area ...bear, leather, jock, mystic, shaman, fairy, jew, muslim, christian, pagan, witch, spiritual, liberationists, activist, married, single, poly, positive,monagamous,sacred intimate, kink,man of color, latino, asian, large, small, tall, short, spiritual seeker,atheist,hunter,daddy, healer, gender bent,scholar, etc etc. No matter how we identify we belong! Let's have a juicy thoughtful conversation on these very current themes.

If in San Francisco, meet some conscious queer men who experts in the areas of appearance, profiling/social justice and preference by who they are,how they describe themselves and the services they bring.

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