Private Yoga Sessions

Have you always wanted to learn yoga but thought, “I can’t do yoga,” or “I’m too stiff to do yoga”?

I was in your shoes 20 years ago when I was “called” to the practice of yoga. After shopping around different styles of yoga, I found a method that teaches postures slowly, step by step, and uses props extensively. Slowly, my body began to open up. Ten years ago, I became of teacher of this method and began teaching other men like myself who “cannot do yoga.”

If you wished you could do yoga, but didn’t want to go to a big studio class, and wished there was a place you could have private, individual, patient and compassionate instruction, then this is for you.

You’ll be in a private, conveniently-location studio with all equipment needed. All you have to do is bring yourself. Over time, your body will open up, I’ll show you how to “sneak” into the postures and you’ll begin to experience the psychological and physical benefits of a yoga practice.


About Me: My name is Donny and I was “called” to this practice 20 years ago. 10 years into my practice I was told, “Donny, you cannot die without having shared some of the secrets you’ve learned.” So I took a 500 hour yoga teacher’s training course and began teaching yoga--first in a regular studio--but finally settled in teaching private students and very small groups (2-3). I am particularly called to teaching men as I feel we are underserved in the regular yoga world).


To arrange your first lesson, please contact Donny
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I’m looking forward to welcoming you to yoga.




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