Flesh and Spirit Women's Community

We are a community of queer women on diverse spiritual paths who embrace erotic spirituality as a central theme in their journey toward wholeness.
With the reclaiming of our erotic power and its infinite dimensions, we inevitably re-shape our experience and connection with spirituality. We bring spirit back where it belongs - in the sanctuary of our bodies.

With the support Dr. Kirk Prine and the Flesh and Spirit’s Men’s community, we have created vehicles and venues for queer women to continue to grow in their own power and to experience embodied, erotic, spirituality. We support women in living fully in our bodies, in celebrating all of who we are and especially in the integration of Spirit and the Erotic.

with Isa Magdalena. Be better friends with your own body and sexuality.
For gender queer, or trans, or a queer women
Next date for this event has not yet been set

Fabulous new workshop being offered by Dossie Easton November 2 and 3, 2013

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Phone: (415) 601-4732

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Flesh and Spirit Women’s Community offers many ways of developing and enjoying conscious and luscious living in our bodies and growing community.

Archetype workshops:

  • Peaceful Warrior, Lover, Elder, Sacred Prostitute, Prophet, Mystic
  • Erotic touch workshops with guest facilitators Isa Magdalena and Alex Jade
  • Reiki
  • Drumming circles
  • Intentional Touch Rituals
  • Potlucks
  • Other activities yet to be dreamed

Flesh and Spirit Women's Community is a queer women's space.
We welcome all women (and those whose gender self identity is other than male).



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