Women's Community Teachers

Barbara Buckley

is a counselor, healer, and crone. In her work as a clinical social worker, Barbara has facilitated many groups and workshops, primarily for people living with or affected by cancer.
At MCCSF, where she has deepened her relationship with her divine, sexy essence, Barbara has facilitated workshops for queer women, often focused on body and spirit. She has trained with Dr. Kirk Prine (including Reiki training) and co- facilitated the Mystic workshop with Kirk.

Isa Magdalena

first leader of Body Electric women’s workshops and author of the breakthrough book Libido, Where Sex, Science and Spirit Meet, has been a sex-worker-coach-pioneer-teacher since the early ‘90’s. Isa is a lifelong student of the sexual and the mystical. Her workshops weave together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Visit her website: www.libidomedicine.org

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Barb Hargrave

expresses her spirituality in community as a shaman and healer. She is deeply connected to her body and spirit and lives out loud her commitment to erotic spirituality. She has been surprised to find herself an active member of MCCSF and even more surprised to be welcomed to the pulpit there on several occasions. She is most passionate about creating intimacy and freedom in relationship

Alex Jade

is an erotic educator, sacred intimate, psychotherapist, and student of Tantra. She is on the faculty of the Body Electric School and she has produced and taught independent workshops for over 15 years. She has mastery in clothes-off hands-on experiential erotic education and the use of ritual as a healing tool. Alex's specialties are gender exploration, classical Tantra , SM, and exploring with an open heart and mind.

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Flesh and Spirit Women’s Community offers many ways of developing and enjoying conscious and luscious living in our bodies and growing community.

Archetype workshops:

  • Peaceful Warrior, Lover, Elder, Sacred Prostitute, Prophet, Mystic
  • Erotic touch workshops with guest facilitators Isa Magdalena and Alex Jade
  • Reiki
  • Drumming circles
  • Intentional Touch Rituals
  • Potlucks
  • Other activities yet to be dreamed

Flesh and Spirit Women's Community is a queer women's space.
We welcome all women (and those whose gender self identity is other than male).

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