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Be Renewed in Strength- Flesh & Spirit Community events starting off 2018

Be Renewed in Strength-Flesh & Spirit Community events starting off 2018

Flesh & Spirit Community wishes you to be renewed in strength for 2018. Strength of mind heart, body and pleasure to show up in 2018 for yourself and your service.

Our events support community in massage basics, massage exchange, an Ecstatic Massage Training and Reiki Clinic to start off the new year renewed in strength.









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How do you quiet the fluctuations of your mind?

Gay Tantra: Show Up and Be Present


Gay Tantra- Showing Up and Being Present

In March and April Flesh & Spirit Community will be exploring ideas, concepts and experiences of gay tantra. Quieting the fluctuations of our minds and coming home to the sensations of our bodies to show up in these times will guide our heart filled experiences.

Being present to your work,play and activism can nourish you as well as make all those actions more about love and expansion.
Rise Up Lovingly is not only our activism but how we show up for intimacy and service.






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Set an Intention for the New Year..


Set an Intention
If you're in San Francisco Wednesday December 21st , join us for our Naked Winter Solstice Ritual.  If you can't be with us in person, add your intention. We will include your intention our fire ritual.

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Conscious Activism as Gay Queer Men

Just being OPEN about "who you are" is a form of conscious activism. Gay/Queer men have always been standing for those who are often disenfranchised. In these times how are you being conscious activist. Standing with our LGBTQ community and those experiencing injustice like Black Lives Matter, First Nation people,muslims, refugees etc. Until all are free none of us are free.

Eldership is not about age but about wisdom.

The Gay/Queer Elder has wisdom to teach. We all know our "gay truth" to share to heal, to liberate and to guide us further on the journey. The Gay/Queer Elder knows he belongs. The September potluck theme is about eldership and taking our place in community.
How much do you feel you belong to the Gay/Queer Tribe?

Elders know they "belong." Many of us have felt we don't belong even among our own community.   Healing that story of "not belonging" is part of the wisdom the gay elder brings as a visionary, healer and teacher.



Do you feel brave in your intimate relationships?


Intimacy with One or Many Partners is Brave Work

by Dr. Kirk Prine



As a graduate student one of my gay mentors was a gay man who was married to a woman with two children and a bisexual male lover. This “throuple” relationship of love, sex, intimacy and family was all new to me. What I knew was what the biblical text had said, “You will know them by their fruits”. This throuple has inspired me over the years as a loving model that took bravery on each of their parts to be a healthy family.

Seasons of Different Intentions

In my own journey as a gay man exploring

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