Embodied Spiritual Activism


fsstepsIn  these often dark and chaotic times our conscious activism seeds the change we wish to see in the world.

As queer people whose voices have often been squelched, minimized, negated or demonized, we naturally are needed to assist in healing ourselves and ALL who are marginalized. By healing our wounds of not being seen, heard, known or validated for who we are, we are able to support others to be free. Flesh & Spirit Community wishes to do what we are calling Embodied Spiritual Activism.

The words of St. Teresa of Avila have inspired many about an embodied spiritual activism when she spoke her these words. (St. Teresa of Avila's inclusive understanding was spoken from her frame of reference as a Christian mystic and worded with the gender terms she was taught. Some might use use God, Goddess, Universe, Great Spirit, All That Is, Life Force etc instead of the word Christ).


"The Divine has no body on earth but yours, No hands but yours, No feet but yours, Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ’s compassion to the world; Yours are the feet with which she is to go about doing good; Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men/women now".

Bringing this kind of intention to activism we can build bridges, set boundaries, speak truth to power and be loving change agents in the world.

gaysagainstgunsHere are a few loving embodied expressions we as a community might participate in for freedom.


  1. An inclusive, democratic direct-action group of LGBTQ people and allies determined to "name, shame, and blame" the people and groups that block gun-violence prevention. Enough is enough. Gays Against Guns SF

  2. imageWe have participated in the weekly Peace Vigils (held by the Quaker Fellowship, Buddhist Fellowship and other interfaith groups and individuals )that are held every Thursday at noon in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco

  3. bunniesActiveThe Order of the Pink Velvet Ear Greeter will begin an Embodied Spiritual Activism component for those who wish to participate. Taking the spiritual practice of seeing the face of the Beloved to the streets when there are social justice rallies.

  4. Queer Fires for Peace Of course you can show your solidarity with a T-Shirt!

  5. Stay tuned for other creative expressions of being LOVE in Action.


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