Queer Fires for Peace

Join us by raising Energy for Peace

Peoples through out recorded history have used the light and warmth of fire ceremonies to set forth an intention. We invite you to join together with people around the world on December 20th, 2015  to hold the intention for peace in our world.

Our thoughts, intentions, rituals, prayers, meditations and actions for PEACE do make a difference!

This is a call to individuals, groups and communities to express your commitment to peace through some action on December 20th, 2015. Let's add to the energy of a "tipping point" to cease violence and claim peaceful coexistence.

ALL PEOPLE of PEACE Welcomed to sign and take action. Whether you identify as "queer" (usually meaning gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person) or you are a queer ally, you are definitionally queer (outside to box) by standing for peace.

QueerFire1Combine energies again on December 20th, 2015.

This sixth movement of Queer Fires for Peace will culminate on December 20th, 2015 when people around the world will do some action for peace. You may light a candle, you may post on Facebook or some social media a picture saying Queer Fires for Peace, you may create a ceremonial fire with a group, you may do chalk art saying Queer Fires for Peace, you may create a flash mob in the shape of a peace symbol. Choose an action and BE COUNTED for peace.

Several thousand people have participated in creating some public demonstration for PEACE. How might you participate? Tell us (below). Add a note with your name, community and a specific intention.

In the wake of so much recent violence with ISL, Boko Haram, Ferguson, New York, Oakland the list goes on... with our intentions to hold  peace and change.

So many people were moved by this experience that we have decided to continue this as an ongoing movement. The swell of enthusiasm about having this experience has inspired us to set the next date for December 20th, 2015


Do a ceremonial fire with a group / community


Light a Candle


Join us through these simple ways to combine our energies for peace using:

Create a ceremonial fire, light a candle, post a Facebook image of a flame saying "queer fires for peace" or draw chalk art on sidewalks (by permission) saying "queer fires for peace" starting now culminating ESPECIALLY on December 21, 2013.

Do Queer Fires for Peace Chalk Art (with permission)


Display a picture on Facebook of Queer Fire for Peace


Rituals for Peace

Peace Demonstration in SF December 12th


What is in your heart for peace?


Queer Men: Build a "friend" in community

medicineshieldThe image of The Friend for 2015 will hold the prayers of all peoples for peace, personal intentions and visions for themselves and our world. The outer layer of prayer will be like a"Medicine Shield" After written prayers have been added by layer of paper (skin) the final action will be to decorate the body of the friends with sacred symbols and images like a medicine shield. The inner part of the body of the Friend will be fill with ritual items like a "Medicine Bundle". On Dec 20th The Friend then will be burned releasing all the prayers,intentions and sacred objects to bless all for peace and their heart's desires. Share your prayer and we will add it to the paper layers (skin) of this sacred effigy.


Names of People Killed



November Peace Demonstration


WEAR PURPLE! Nov 29th in Castro-Peace Demo: Untangling the Web of Violence. Be in solidarity (no matter your gender or orientation) Dress up in purple , post on social media I'm being counted for peace. Sign "The Friend"

Find out MORE

Remembering the Dead


Remembering the Dead/Wounded by Conflict-Bring PEACE. Send us your prayers for peace with the names or places of people who have experienced conflict,trauma,violence or war. Changing the energy of conflict is on the path to peace. We will add these prayers,names,images to our construct,"The Friend" that will be burned on December 20th. Let this be an opportunity for more healing for you,those you hold in your heart and the planet. PEACE

Releasing the Friend

Contribute to the Rainbow World Fund

if you are so inclined...
Put your hands and feet to your intentions for peace

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