Queer Fires for Peace

Since 49 beautiful people were killed at The Pulse in Orlando, our hearts and fervor for sane gun control and solutions to lessen the violence are ignited afresh.

On Wednesday, December 21st, we invite you to take some action for peace and share it. Besides the rituals of weaving our energies together for peace on December 21st, we also will be doing peaceful acts of conscious activism. If you wish to join us or post about such actions, please add your name and email address. A Facebook page will also be a space to share information.

Join us by raising Energy for Peace

Peoples through out recorded history have used the light and warmth of fire ceremonies to set forth an intention. We invite you to join together with people around the world on December 21st, 2016  to hold the intention for peace in our world.

Our thoughts, intentions, rituals, prayers, meditations and actions for PEACE do make a difference!

This is a call to individuals, groups and communities to express your commitment to peace through some action on December 21st, 2016. Let's add to the energy of a "tipping point" to cease violence and claim peaceful coexistence.

ALL PEOPLE of PEACE Welcomed to sign and take action. Whether you identify as "queer" (usually meaning gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person) or you are a queer ally, you are definitionally queer (outside to box) by standing for peace.


Do a ceremonial fire with a group / community


Light a Candle


Join us through these simple ways to combine our energies for peace using:

Create a ceremonial fire, light a candle, post a Facebook image of a flame saying "queer fires for peace" or draw chalk art on sidewalks (by permission) saying "queer fires for peace.

Do Queer Fires for Peace Chalk Art (with permission)


Display a picture on Facebook of Queer Fire for Peace


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