Ecstatic Massage Training: 2-Days - The Queer Spiritual Elder

Saturday Sep. 14th, 2019: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco
Category: Open to Queer Men
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The Elder 2019 $197.00 N/A

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the elder

2 day Ecstatic Massage Training focused on the Queer  Elder as The Ecstatic Gatekeeper



mask1The elder is an archetype of mature love.. The elder knows a truth, that we all belong and bring our uniques gifts/roles and callings to the tribe/community. Thus lntegrating all parts of ourselves gay/queer boy, man, elder and our future self as ancestor allows us to "take our place in community"

This is the role of the Ecstatic Gatekeeper.



Among native/first nation tribes their is a word, Mitakuye Oyasin which means "All Our Relations". Honoring our connections to earth, sky, sun, moon, ancestors and all parts of ourselves in creation. This is our sacred path that we as gay queer men bring our own rich experiences and wisdom. Much like the gatekeepers this workshops invites to touch the sacred through our bodies.

elder2The elder brings the energy of the consciousness of life and love with the wisdom of belonging. Being the elder is not about the experience of chronological age but shedding any residual stories we have held in our bodies from remembering who we are as gay/queer men.

In this 2 day Ecstatic Massage Training we will use guided intentional touch,ritual and the journey of ecstatic massage to awaken ourselves in a community of men loving men.



Saturday, September 14: 10-5pm


Sunday, September 15: 10-5pm


The elder is one who has walked many paths like the Peaceful Warrior, the Lover and the Sacred Prostitute seeking truth, freedom, healing and wholeness. Weaving together wisdom from his/her journey the elder sees oneself as the teacher and the student of maturing love. As queer men we often hunger for guides as elders to support us through our process of discovering our gifts and finding our place in the big picture. The elder supports us in being fully the queer boy, the queer man, the queer elder in the tribe/community.

big drawCelebrating these life passages through an Ecstatic Massage of intention, breath and pleasure reminds us how we belong making it a natural flow embody our place in community.two flutes playing

Come to the workshop and recieve a free copy of "Two Flutes Playing" by Andrew Ramer




Body Story Tracks




This course qualifies as "Track 4" credit towards becoming a Body Story Life Coach.


Two nearby options for lodging within walking distance:

The Monte Cristo and  The Laurel Inn

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