Day Long Massage Basics Class

Saturday Apr. 20th, 2019: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco
Category: Open to Queer Men
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Day Long Massage Basics Class: April 20th $97.00 N/A




Day Long Massage Basics Class

Saturday, April 20th, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco


Sheet & Towel included in your registration fee




Do you enjoy giving and receiving massages with friends and partners or at massage exchanges, but wish you knew more about massage technique and don’t the time or resources to take the 600+ hour professional-level courses massage schools offer?

“Awesome class with a group of amazing men.
Thanks to Donny and Kirk for doing such a great job and
their passion and warmth around massage and healing.”--Jonathan


Here’s your chance to improve your massage skills in the quickest, easiest and most fun way.

Approximately each month, you’ll have to opportunity to learn massage technique for 2 body parts, e.g. back and buttocks. Over the course of a few months, you’ll have the basics for a full body massage. Once we’ve gone through the monthly sequence of body parts, we’ll just repeat the same sequence over again, so it doesn’t matter where you start or if you “miss” a month. You can make it up the next time we circle around to the class you missed.


“both a good class and great experience in connecting physically with guys.” --Tony

Along the way, you’ll be learning some important “secrets” which will make your massage technique better in the fastest possible way. For example, we’ll be teaching you proper body mechanics which will not only save your back, but will greatly improve your “Quality of touch”


Here’s how our day will go:

  • 10am - 1pm: Arrival, Warm up and learn Featured Body Part #1
  • 1pm-2pm: Lunch (On your own. There several cafes, restaurants and a Trader’s Joe’s very near by)
  • 2pm-5pm: Featured Body Part #2 and Review



“Very informative class on some basic massage techniques. Donny and Kirk were excellent instructors.”--Mark



None. We assume you have little or no formal massage training


Our class will take place in a private studio. Not only will you learn massage technique, but you’ll be in community exploring touch with up to 10 men.

Your teachers will be Body Story Live Coaches Dr. Kirk Prine, CMT; and Donny Lobree, CMT.

Kirk and Donny have been married for 13 years and are both Massage Therapists with private practices. They have been teaching massage for several years.


“It was great being back at a massage basic skills class again on Saturday. You both did such a wonderful job of teaching, hands-on helping, and inspiring. I have learned so much this year, and, thanks much to you, had a personal milestone Monday: I had my first ever real “client” for a massage (no charge). A friend had been wanting me to give him a massage, especially after recently buying myself a massage table, and after Saturday’s class, I felt ready to give it a try. I went to his house, set up, and gave him an hour massage. He was absolutely thrilled with his massage, and I felt good (and relieved) that I was actually able to apply what I’ve learned to give a formal massage. Literally, I could not have done it without you! I’m not setting up shop, just wanting to give to friends and family.” --Raymond



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